Path to Freedom – Part 2: Execution

Path to Freedom – Part 2: Execution  

As mentioned in Part 1: Foundation, today’s post discusses the critical component of execution. I will share my life experience and how execution led me to this stage of my career and financial standing.

People dream. Everyone dreams. You dream. I dream. Dreams can be financial success, corporate executive, or starting a billion dollar company/idea. During your dream stage, you feel motivated and want to capitalize on that vision. You are possessed with such willpower and know you can accomplish anything. The high feels great. Unfortunately, reality takes a toll on this dream. This negative thought of “How” or “Failure” kills your dream. Then you are back to reality. You continue the same routine and the dream has been thrown to the back burner. The dream itch comes back, but like an old pair of jeans, it remains in the closet. Never fully utilized again. Does not sound familiar?

It saddens me that the majority of us never take action on our dreams. We do not have the guts to leave our comfort zone or the nest. I was once guilty of it. However, let’s be realistic, what if you are not cut out like the majority of us to execute on a dream. I mean fully leave everything behind and execute. It is scary right?

Let me share with you an experience that changed my life. Upon graduation, I managed to get an hourly job at a financial services firm. I was comfortable because it was often preached during 2010 that “You should be thankful you have a job” or “Take a stable salaried job”.  It was a tough job market because job demand was high and supply of jobs were low. As such, employers had the luxury to underpay prospective employees with minimal wage increases. This helped companies protect their bottom line in an event another crash occurred. The majority of recent graduates were complacent during this time. That means, take any job and stay with it.

It dawned on my early on that the first job should not be your last job. In today’s world, employers can cut an employee at-will. Therefore, employees must also protect themselves. My true dream was to make six figures by age 30. My first job did not provide a proven roadmap for me to reach such goal. I can easily stay comfortable in my job and retire with a decent nest egg, but I was not me.  I know that I can achieve. I had a dream to make six figures and own a house by age 30.

I started to read and learn about industries that paid employees well (or at least provided a roadmap to a six figure salary). I came across retail versus institutional. Keeping it simple, institutional clients will pay you more than retail. Therefore, I took a leap of faith an applied for jobs in the professional services industry that catered to institutional clients.

I applied to over 30 jobs via company website and career websites. I took a step further because I knew traditional applicants would go through the website method. Therefore, I sent hard copy of my resume along with a cover letter to the region’s executives and partners of the prospective companies. It worked! Somehow, one of the executives forwarded my resume to the appropriate person. That person ended up hiring me, serving as my mentor, and becoming one of my good friends today.

You see, instead of sitting around and hoping an opportunity would fall on my lap, I knew I had to execute. Execution can apply in your everyday life. I wake up every morning knowing that I need to execute on something. For example, during Christmas, I wanted to read an entire book in self-help finance. I read the entire book. Another example, I wanted to make six figures by age 30, I took every opportunity in front of me and challenged the status quo by stepping outside of my comfort zone; as result, and I did it by age 27.

There are three key values of execution that should be applied to your goals and dreams. They are:

  • You inch closer to your dreams and goals from execution
  • You learn from execution
  • RESULTS only happen with execution

By repetition, execution leads to you capturing your dream. Dream big, but do not forget to execute.


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