Path to Freedom – Part 4 Appreciation

Path to Freedom – Part 4 Appreciation

I am filled with energy. I love the feeling of accomplishments.

I remembered one of my online mentors (i.e. people I follow online for motivation and advice), once said, “You need to kill it and drag it home”, something along those lines. To me, it means, it is up to the individual to take action in his/her own hands in order to hunt for the food and drag it home to feed the family. In our modern world, that food is money. That food is your job, career, or business. The drag part is your work ethic and engine that keeps you going. It is your psychological, emotional, and physical component that enables you to perform such act.

This engine that keeps on going sometimes will take a toll on you. Often times, I find myself working like a sprint. In a sprint, you run as fast as you can, then you slow down, then you run again, and so on. The sprinter typically feels burnt out after continuous effort at 100 percent. Then he/she takes time to walk it out before sprinting again. As a side note, I hate the “It is marathon, not a sprint” saying. Why? You see, while you are young (GenWeFinance is currently under 40), why waste the countless energy? If you do not sprint, you will become tired, lazy, and slower as you become older. I rather channel the unlimited supply of energy while I am young to accomplish my goals and then have the luxury to slow down the engine later in life. To keep a balance life, I try to “tune-up” my mind and self during the “walking out phase”.

During this time of walking it out, professionals with strong obsession for success, money, or financial freedom must take the time to reflect. Listen, I am guilty of this as well. I sprint, but during the walking out phase, my Zen or balance is all out of whack. I feel disinterested as if the sacrifice and hustle is not worth it. I start to compare myself to my peers and friends who opt for complacency for a 9-5 job to come home and “have fun”.  To be quite frank, you must put in work, you must delay gratification, and you must sacrifice in order to achieve financial freedom, success, or your own personal goals. Often times, I slow down and start to reflect. Is this the right path? Why am I working so hard? Look at John Smith, he is able to enjoy his life, why can’t I?

These are doubt questions. These are questions you ask yourself when you are at exhaustion. It is quite obvious that you have channeled your entire life and efforts towards your goal. In my personal life, I channel all my effort, breath and life to achieve financial freedom. Financial freedom requires capital. The only capital I have is through my job. In order to achieve financial freedom, I must take the capital from my job to invest in assets that will pay dividends 10-15 years down the line. This luxury or freedom allows a person to quit the rat race and pursue their dreams if they wanted to.

At these moments, I try to reflect and appreciate the journey. It makes me feel better and really proud of the sacrifice. Here are four key steps when you feel burnout is on the way. Remember, you must incorporate this part in your overall well-being. This way, you can stay sane and focused to accomplish your goals. They are:

  • Reflect – Reflect on the journey
  • Appreciate – Appreciate the results so far
  • Time Off – Take time off to unplug from the world
  • Change – Change your ways to fine-tune your balance. For example, if this is recurring theme, try to find ways to change your mind-set. GenWeFinance found an outlet through blogging, building side businesses, and investing. This helps GenWeFinance stay balance because the hard work at the corporate job is paying off via the investing and businesses.

Let me leave you one last quote that came to mind, “Everything is a sprint, not a marathon. Why let go the inner-fire that is currently burning?” Check out my motivational quote with picture here (

How do you cope with stress? Do you feel my key steps will help you? Feel free to comment below.



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